Good Sunlin Hospital will
always stand by you.

Since Good Sunlin Hospital first opened as US Marines Memorial Hospital for Children in 1953, we have been making efforts to become ‘the friendliest and most advanced hospital.’ Good Sunlin Hospital and its subsidiaries, including Good Moonhwa Hospital, Good Samsun Hospital, Good Gangan Hospital, Good Samjeong Hospital, Good Aein Medical Care Hospital, Good Yeonin Medical Care Hospital, Good Riverview Medical Care Hospital, Good Busan Medical Care Hospital, Good Jurye Medical Care Hospital, and Good Sunlin Medical Care Hospital, are now providing high quality medical services to local residents based on its new medical network.

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different - We provide customer-centered services based on our optimal medical service system encompassing a pleasant environment, rapid medical service, and detailed medical consultation.

- Our skilled medical teams provide high quality medical services with state-of-the-art medical systems and devices.
(Electronic Medical Records; EMR, Order Communication System; OCS, FULLPACS, CT, MRI, Angiography, etc.)

- We take the initiative in developing our community through various volunteer activities and scholarship programs.

Good Hospital Network
Eunseong Medical Foundation & Good Hospital Network.

Eunseong Medical Foundation & Good Hospital Network.

Eunseong Medical Foundation and its affiliates value both humanism and professionalism.
We do and hold ourselves accountable for our clients and patients all the time, as a ‘Good Hospital’ We are committed to providing you with the best possible medical service.


Internal Medicine (Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Endocrinology), Surgical Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatrics, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Dental Clinic, FamilyMedicine, Radiology, Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Pathology, Emergency Medicine


Specialty - Comprehensive Health Screening Center

Prevention is better than cure! GSH guarantees your life-long health with timely and accurate screening.
Comprehensive Health Screening Center empowered by outstanding medical staffs and advanced medical equipments, offers a systemic health screening and examination package for early detection of various adult diseases and cancers. The entire health screening process will take approximately 4 hours. Customized package is available depending on personal medical history and/or preliminary interview.

Essential Package
Examination &interview by doctor
Tumor marker test (liver cancer, colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer)
Blood pressure screening
Body measurement
Ophthalmologic inspection
Body composition analysis
Dental exam
Blood test
Pulmonary function test
Hyperlipidaemia test
Liver function test
Diabetes test
Glycatedhemoglobin test
Hepatitis test (type: B,C)
Syphilis test
HIV/AIDS antibody test
Gout test
Muscle enzyme test
Inflammatory response test
Kidney function test
Urine test
Stool analysis
Electrocardiogram screening
Abdomen ultrasound screening
Mammographic image screening
Gynecological examination
gastric cancer screening
Chest radiographic screening

Optional Screening/Examination
MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
CT (computed tomography)
Lung cancer tumor marker test
Gynecologic ultrasonography
colorectal endoscopy
Cardiac ultrasonography
Arteriosclerosis screening
Thyroid ultrasonography
Breast ultrasonography
Prostate ultrasonography
Bone mineral density test
Medical Treatment Guide & Directions
  • Monday : AM 9:00 ~ PM 6:00
  • Tuesdays ~ Friday : AM 9:00 ~ PM 5:00
  • Saturday : AM 9:00 ~ PM 1:00
  • Sunday / Holiday / Night : Emergency medical service center is available